Smash Buid Your Own Coaster! - Phineas and Ferb Game

Build your own rollercoasters in this Cool Phineas and Ferb game! You can also share your rollercoaster tracks with your friends!

Step 1 - Choose your Character. Select which character gets to ride your super cool coaster!

Step 2- Choose your Cart. Select which cart will zip around your own made track!

Step 3 - Build your track. Select various track pieces to make the best coaster ever! Add power ups or obstacles for added difficulty.

How to build your rollercoaster.

1. Click and drag your cart with the "start" bar on the left to the height you want your coaster to begin.
2. Click and drag the "finish" bar on the right to the height you want your coaster to end.
3. Click and drag the various pieces of the track to your background! You can determine how difficult or easy your coaster is to play!
4. To delete a piece of track, click on that specific track piece and click the trash can to throw it away!
5. If you see a red (power down) or green (power up) arrow when you select a flat track piece, use it to slow down or speed up your coaster!
6. To preview your track, click "test track.'
7. Click "go" on the meter when it reaches the speed you want!
8. If you need more help, make sure to click the "help" button!