Scooby-Doo-Song Lyrics

Scooby Doo - Scooby Doo Theme Song lyrics

scooby dooby doo where are u
we've got some work to do now
scooby dooby doo we need some help from u now
come on scooby doo i see u
pretending you've got a sliver
you're not foolin' me 'cause i can see
the way u shake and shiver

u know we got a mystery to solve
so scooby doo get ready for your act
don't hold back 'cause scooby doo
when u come thru you're gonna have your self
a scooby snack that's a fact

scooby dooby doo here are you
you're ready and you're willin' [scooby]
if we can count on you [beee]scooby doo
i know we'll catch tha villain

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