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The Forever Knights are a secret society first formed during the Middle Ages that is dedicated to collecting alien technology. Any aliens they capture along the way are dissected and studied, and any humans caught with them are immediately deemed worthless and disposed of. Their entire organization dresses as if they were knights, complete with the appropriate, albeit heavily enhanced, weaponry and stylized metal facemasks. They use a coat of arms over a pair of crossbones as their symbols. In their fourth appearance in "Perfect Day", a larger man in a full-body suit of armor called the Forever King is shown to be their superior.

The Forever Knights Ben 10The original purpose of the Forever Knights is the slaying of a dragon (actually an alien) that had been captured 1000 years prior. This led to the acquisition of both human and alien technology in hopes of finding a weapon with which to kill it, meaning everything they did in the original series was for the sole purpose of acquiring weapons they could use to slay the dragon.(i.e. the Sword of Ekchuah, the Sub-Energy, the Omnitrix, etc.). This is apparently a dedication handed down throughout the ages, as the prospect of finding more dragon-like aliens serves to motivate the group once again after the first one escapes.

The Forever Knights first appear in the episode "A Small Problem", then known only as The Organization (according to the enhanced version of "The Ultimate Weapon", this is one of their codenames they use to prevent linking them to their crimes). They attempt to dissect Grey Matter, but are thwarted. Their base is also destroyed, along with the advanced technology stored on the site. They returned again in "Ultimate Weapon", in which their formal name is used.

In "Perfect Day" they returned, attempting to steal the Omnitrix while trapping Ben in a dream world, using some sort of dream-inducing device. While Ben was in the dream world, the other Forever Knights members were using their technology to remove the Omnitrix. However, they fail when Ben takes control of the dream and wakes up.

The rest of the Forever Knights return in "Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10" to help their leader obtain the Sub-Energy, the world's strongest energy source, but are defeated along with the Negative 10 by the end of the episode.

The Forever Knights appear in Ben 10: Protector of Earth, but are shown not to be villains when you complete the South West, later in the game. They manage to discover Vilgax's plan and attempt to use the Cannonbolt DNA extracted from the Omnitrix, combined with a giant robot, to take down Vilgax before it's too late. However, Ben, mistaking Enoch for the main villain, destroys his weapon and makes him unable to stop Vilgax.

The Forever Knights reappear in Ben 10: Alien Force. Here, they are allied with the Highbreed and the DNAliens, although they are unaware (or perhaps uncaring) of their true intentions. The Forever Knights now dress in full plate armor with an infinity symbol on the abdomen, as opposed to the more medieval-style armor they wore previously.

As of both series, different voice actors have voiced the Forever Knights: Khary Payton, Jeff Bennett, Greg Cipes, Yuri Lowenthal, Richard McGonagle, and Kevin Michael Richardson.

  • The Forever King is the leader of the Forever Knights. The first Forever King featured in the series was the fourth season's main antagonist. This Forever King was originally known as Driscoll, a former Plumber. However, he was thrown out of the Plumbers in disgrace when he was revealed to have been stealing alien technology for his own benefit. He later joined the Forever Knights and worked his way up the ranks, eventually becoming their leader. Driscoll first appeared in "Perfect Day", where he finds Enoch defeated by Ben. He then leaves Enoch after his multiple failures and decides to take care of Ben himself. He appears again in "Ben 10 vs. The Negative 10" where he rounds up a collection of Ben's old enemies to form a specialized team, the episode's titular Negative 10, in an effort to steal the Sub-Energy, a powerful energy source given to the Plumbers after capturing an alien convict. He eventually manages to steal it and enhances his armor suit with it. The energy source is eaten by Upchuck. His suit is destroyed, but Driscoll survives and escapes. At an unknown point and time (as revealed in "Be-Knighted"), Driscoll was replaced, and a new Forever King was chosen.
  • Enoch has significant influence in the organization, appearing as their leader in their first three appearances. In "A Small Problem", Enoch is in supervision of the attempted dissection of Ben, who is trapped in the form of Grey Matter at that time. After his plan is thwarted by the Tennysons and disappointed alien freak Howell Wayneright, which leaves their castle mansion totally destroyed, he orders his subordinates to find out about Ben, Gwen, and Max. In the episode "Ultimate Weapon," Enoch attempts to retrieve the Sword of Ekchuah (a sword of incredible power), only for it to crumble to dust when he finally finds it in a temple (according to Max, "That's what happens when your 'ultimate weapon' is over 5,000 years old."). He remains in the temple as it collapses, trying to collect the dust of the weapon. At the end of "The Unnaturals", Enoch resurfaces as part of an effort to replace the President with a robotic duplicate using a team of robotic baseball players fittingly called the "Squires". His plot was foiled by the Tennysons, though they remain unaware that he was part of it. In "Perfect Day," Enoch had entered Ben's dream at the time of his capture and posed as Lt. Steel to claim that the real Gwen and Max were Limaxes. Ben as Fourarms eventually saw through his disguise. Enoch's plot was finally foiled when Ben took control of the dream and escaped. After a brief struggle with XLR8, Enoch was trapped in the dream world by the end of the episode where Max mentions that he'll remain there until the police arrive, though the Enhanced Version reveals that he did not recover from this for many years. With Enoch's multiple failures, the Forever King decides to leave him be and that he will deal with the Tennysons himself. Enoch also serves as a mini boss in the video game.
  • The Forever Knight Ninja is a member of both the Forever Knights and the Negative 10. He is defeated by Upchuck, who spits his own shurikens back at him. It is left ambiguous as to whether he is a robot or just someone wearing a suit of powered armor. He does not have a voice actor, being silent throughout the entire special. As other members of the Forever Knights were shown wearing suits similar to this in perfect day, it is possible that the Ninjas are, in fact, a rank in the organization (possibly the group's elite troops) and not just a specific individual.

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