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Here you can download loads of fun Batman stuff for free! You can download free Batman wallpaper.There are many Batman wallpapers from the movies and also general Batman wallpapers with Batman and his friends. The main size of the Batman wallpapers are 1024 x 768.

You will also find Batman coloring pages, where you can color Batman and his friends, you can simply download the printable Batman color page you want and print it out. So you can make your very own Batman coloring book.

batman games The Batman website also has a large collection of Batman games.
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Batman is a comic book superhero character created in 1939 by the writer/illustrator team of Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He is a DC Comics character, first appearing in the Detective Comics #27. He has many features that differ from other comic book superheroes, including an extremely dark personality that tends to show little remorse when he exacts vigilante justice on various villains. Also, so many people have “recreated” Batman over the years that there are significant inconsistencies in the way the character behaves, is perceived, and looks, and there are also many different takes on the degree or lack thereof of participation that Batman’s sometimes sidekick Robin is involved in his story.

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