Batman birthday Party Ideas

We found many ideas on how to organize a fun Batman birhday party. You will find how to make printable Batman invitation cards, envelopes, Batman birthday party activities and games.

Batman birthday Party Invitiation cards

Cut out Batman birthday invitations from a black cardstock in the shape of Batman emblem (You can trace the emblem onto the cardstock beforehand). Next, decorate Batman party invitations with stickers or drawings. Write you party details on the back with a silver marker. Finally, you can photocopy Batman comic strip. White out the original speech bubbles, and then include your party details instead.

Or print one of the following Batman birthday card invitations

Batman birthday Party Invitiation card  Batman birthday Party Invitiation card  Batman birthday Party Invitiation card

Batman birthday Party envelope

Batman birthday Party envelope Batman birthday Party envelope

Batman birthday Party tags

Batman birthday Party tags

batmanBatman Birthday Decorations

You can make your own birthday Batman cardboard banner. You can use the Batman Font in the fonts section. Print out the letters, blue them on cardboard and then cut them out. You can print out various Batman pictures from the internet and glue them on the banner until it is coverd. Batman parties are best if they are organized at night or in a dark room. Then you can play with lights and shadows to add special effects. You can have batman posters and other Batman characters on the walls. The colors of the Batman are dark blue, red and white, use those colors in the balloons and streamers. You can also glue the batman symbol on the streamers.

Batman Signal
You can also play with the bat signal, use a projector, or use a large clip art image that can be enlarged. Hang it on the wall to make a great backdrop for the Batman birthday party.

Bat cave
You can create a Bat Cave by painting large boxes to resemble screens, computers and other cool gadgets. Then place all the boxes surrounding the party area. You can download batman sound effects on various websites. You can also ask a friend to help out with the original sound effects and cardboard text bubbles like in the old shows. “POW”, “BAM”, “ZOOF”!

Gotham City welcome
You can hang a sign at your fence or in front of the walkway saying "Welcome to Gotham".

Batman birthday Party Guest Arrival Activities

Play Batman music in the background on a low volume and give the kids Batman masks and cape as they arrive. You can also have the kids decorate their Batman masks with all kind of stickers.

joker batmanBatman birthday Party Activities

Capture the Villain

Print out different 3 of 3 Batman enemies like Mr. Freeze, Poison Ivy, The Joker, Penguin, or Catwoman, so that you have 9 altogether, and tape them to paper plates. Arrange the paper plates in a 3x3 diagram. Have coins available for each player to use. The goal is for the coins to land on three of the same villain. Each player gets three turns to "capture" one villain.

Get the Enemy

Print up some superhero villains. Be sure to have a good mix of some that are and some that aren't Batman's enemies. Roll the print-outs up and put one a piece into empty 20 oz plastic bottles. Have this done beforehand so the kids don't know who is in which bottle. Line up the bottles in a row. Give each player 5 tennis balls and allow five turns to knock down five bottles. After all five turns are done, look inside the bottles that have been knocked down to see how many are Batman's enemies. Award 2 pieces of candy for each Batman enemy.

Build Gotham City Hall!

Have a few decks of cards on hand for this game. Create groups of builders by pairing up your guests. Use your judgement when pairing up the children to make it an even playing field. Each team then gets two packs of cards. The team that has the tallest tower of cards is the winner!


Have the children take turns wearing a court jesters hat and leading the other children for a game of follow the leader.

Batman's airplane

Have adults help the kids make airplanes out of black construction paper. Allow the kids to decorate their Bat planes with batman stickers and gel pens. Next, have a medium-sized cardboard box placed on the table. Cover the cardboard box with black construction paper and decorate it with streamers, so it looks like Bat-Cave. The purpose of the game is to lend airplanes (Batman Planes) inside the cardboard (Bat-Cave). Have children launch their paper planes from various distances.

Batman Training Course

Being a super hero takes strength and agility. Develop those skills with a fun obstacle course. It's best to have an obstacle course game in a large room or outdoors. Use household items such as chairs, pillows, sleeping bags, hula hoops, old tires or anything you can find to create a challenging course. Show the children how to run the course from beginning to end to avoid chaos. Place exciting music and off they go. Every time they reach the end of the course they get a sticker, candy or small prize.

Stomp the Villains

Place a couple pieces of candy inside balloons. Next, blow up the balloons, with the candy inside. Use black marker to write the names of the villains, or draw their pictures on each balloon. Announce to the kids that they will find a reward for stomping on the villains. The players stomp on the balloons to reveal candy.

Capture the Riddler

Make cards out of paper by folding it in half, drawing a yellow question mark on one side, and writing the clue on the inside. Slip the cards into envelopes decorated with yellow question marks.

Possible clues may include: "I like to play jokes on folks, then hide when I'm able. So get down on your hands and knees and look under the table."
"I'm cold on the inside, and I run all day and all night long" (Answer: refrigerator).
"The place where young children play with bubbles" (Answer: bathroom). "The place where snoring can be heard" (Answer: bedroom).

During the game, the players must follow the clues left by the Riddler. Supervise as the children figure out each clue. Have the final clue lead to a location where you placed a card with the word 'Captured' over the picture or the name of a villain, such as the Riddler.

Mr. Freeze freezes you

Before the party get some music ready (Batman theme music is ideal). Kids must dance while the music plays, but must freeze when it stops. Start playing the music. Stop the music. When all the children have frozen, start the music again. Keep repeating, letting the music play for different lengths of time.


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