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Gwen Tennyson

Gwendolyn "Gwen" Tennyson (voiced by Meagan Smith) is Ben's ten year-old cousin (the two share the same birthday). Haley Ramm portrays Gwen in the live-action film, Ben 10: Race Against Time.

Gwen shares a love-hate relationship with Ben, insulting him with dry wit and sarcasm most of the time. She uses her laptop to research any strange people and/or creatures they might come across, and is a capable gymnast and has had some training in martial arts.

Gwen Tennyson Ben 10She has also shown an almost innate skill in using various complicated devices or objects, such as in the "What If?" episode "Gwen 10", when Gwen gained the Omnitrix instead of Ben and proved to be far more adept in its use than he initially was.

Overall, her most notable skill is her innate, if latent, ability at magic. Having within her what Charmcaster calls a "magical aura", Gwen is capable of using various magical artifacts and spells. When using the magical, luck-giving Charm of Bezel, she was able to activate it instinctively, whereas Hex did or could not. Later on, when she takes and uses his staff, she was able to make it fire an energy blast—according to Charmcaster, only someone of Hex's skill should have that ability. Gwen starts tapping into her magical powers when she procures a book of spells from Charmcaster in the episode "A Change of Face".

In the possible future of "Ben 10,000", Gwen (voiced by Tara Strong) has gone by her full first name since college. A combination of physical and magical training leads her to become both a black belt and a master magician using the Charms of Bezel (Gwen has traveled to the Dimension of Bezel where a new set of charms was created for her), which makes her a hero in her own right. In "Ken 10", Ben's son, Ken, looks at her as more of an aunt than a cousin. She does not appear in person during the episode, being on a mission on another planet, but she makes two appearances as an astral projection; first appearing during Ken's birthday party to give him his present (a self-regenerating, dog-like member of the stone creatures that Charmcaster commonly uses as watchdogs and familiars), and then talking privately with Ben about Ken's behavior with his Omnitrix after Devlin's attack on their home.

On two occasions, Gwen has the Charms of Bezel to become a superheroine by the name of Lucky Girl. At first, her ability drew from the "luck" Charm of Bezel, which innately gave her perfect luck. While wearing the charm, any action she took would result in an Rube Goldberg-style chain reaction benefitting her original intent, but usually injuring Ben in the process. She later brought back her superhero identity after obtaining the Keystone of Bezel, which increased her natural abilities to superhuman levels rather than just affecting her luck. Both times, Gwen was forced to retire when the Charms of Bezel were destroyed.

In the sequel, Ben 10: Alien Force, Gwen (voiced by Ashley Johnson) is now a black belt. In this version, Gwen wears a plain, blue shirt with a white collar, a black skirt with black tights, her hair is much longer and darker, her eyes are much darker, and her lips are more visible. Her magical abilities have also grown considerably. She is able to create energy constructs for nearly any purpose, usually creating platforms to levitate herself (and others), beams to grab enemies, and circular blasts to knock enemies back. She also has a wide range of other loosely defined magical abilities, such as dowsing and clairvoyance. Her powers are revealed to be alien in origin; her grandmother, Verdona, is an energy being known as an Anodite. Verdona tells Gwen that what she and others originally thought of as "magic" was actually the manipulation of a Force-like energy called mana. Verdona offers to take Gwen to her home planet and train her in the mystical ways of the Anodites, but Gwen prefers to remain on Earth with Ben and Kevin. She hates being called an "Energy being", referring to her Anodite heritage.


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