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Here you can read everything about all the Avatar: The Last Airbender characters. Below you will find a list of characters from Avatar: The Last Airbender. The world of Avatar is filled with a vast array of interesting characters and strange beasts.
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Book 3: Fire

The Headmaster
Headmaster of an upper-class school on one of the Fire Nation's outer islands, the man known only by his title is extremely strict, enforcing strict discipline among his students. Prior he to his current position, this man was a drill sergeant in the Fire Nation army and imposes much of the harsh methods he learned there within the walls of his academy. One of which is sending any habitually disorderly students to what he refers to as "reform school": coal mines. After Aang "beats-up" Hide, the Headmaster comes out to the courtyard to confront him. When he sees his star pupil laying on the ground he assumes Aang to be responsible and assigns a parent-teacher conference. He however is tricked into believing that a disguised Sokka and Katara are Aang's parents. Later in the episode, Hide leads the Headmaster to the cave where Aang is throwing a dance party for his students. Inside the cave, he and his guards attempt to capture Aang, but proves to be impossible as the crowd of children all wear headbands to cameflouge Aang, allowing him and his friends to escape.

The Headmaster appears in "The Headband."

A jockish student at the Fire Nation school Aang infiltrates in "The Headband." Hide is the aggressive and jealousy-prone boyfriend of On Ji.

Upon seeing "Kuzon" and On Ji together after the dismissal, Hide makes sure Aang knows that she is his girlfriend by starting a brief confrontation, looking down at what he identifies as some lesser boy from the colonies. Following his performance in music class, Aang offers to show an amused On Ji some moves during recess, which promptly incurs the wrath of Hide. He attempts to pick a fight with Aang, but he skillfully and playfully evades every attempted blow, eventually getting Hide to overbalance himself and fall over. This gets Aang into trouble with the Headmaster for "beating up" his star pupil, resulting in a parent-teacher conference. Later, Hide informs The Headmaster of a dance party Aang is throwing. They attempt to locate and capture Aang, but he manages to escape in the process.

Hide appears in "The Headband."

Ms. Kwan
Ms. Kwan is an elderly schoolteacher at an upper-class academy on one of Fire Nation outer islands. Having grown up on the outer islands, which equate to the upper-class suburbs of the Nation, Ms. Kwan is hard-nosed, no-nonsense individual who fiercely believes in hard work, scrict discipline, and proper etiquette. Ms. Kwan has been an instructor at the institution for over forty years, and some of her star students have go on to become generals, war machinery inventors, and even one member of the Rough Rhinos, Vashir.

After Aang is brought to the school, he is place in Ms. Kwan class, where she assumes he is a new student from the colonies in the Earth Kingdom. Calling him a slob, she immediately instructs him upon proper posture and Fire Nation etiquette. The following day, after having her class recite the Fire Nation Oath, she assumes Aang was making a mockery of the national oath and announces a pop quiz. The first question asked for the year in which Fire Lord Sozin defeated the Air Nomads' army. Perplexed, Aang points out that the Air Nomads had no formal military, and were defeated by ambush. Ms. Kwan, as well as the entire class, is stunned by this statement, as such a fact had apparently been erased from national history books.

Ms. Kwan appears in "The Headband."

Music Teacher
A music teacher at the upper-class Fire Nation school Aang enrolls into in "The Headband." He is a short, plump man who with a passion for music. When Aang attends the teacher's music class, he is given the Tsungi Horn to play, which results in a discordant outburst of sounds. The music teacher scolds Aang for dancing while misplaying the horn, sarcastically questioning if the "hullabaloo" going on in his feet is a nervous disorder. A confused Aang says dancing is a way of expressing one's self. The teacher retorts that dancing is not conductive to a proper learning environment, that young people must instead have rigid order. Although he does make somewhat of an attempt to be understanding by giving Aang permission to march quietly in place when the urge hits him again.

The Music Teacher appears in "The Headband."

On Ji
On Ji is a young schoolgirl at an academy on one of the Fire Nation's outlying islands. Like all of her fellow students in the upper-class school, On Ji grew up away from war and poverty. Even with her priviledged upbringing, she proves to be quite kind when Aang (calling himself Kuzon) comes to the school claiming to be a new student from the Colonies, demonstrating to him on how to properly bow to their teacher. Once the schoolday ends, Aang meets On Ji, who notices Momo and warns Aang to keep him hidden. Her jealous boyfriend, Hide, seeing "Kuzon" and On Ji together makes it clear to Aang that he'll have no one, especially some "colony trash", messing around with his girlfriend. In band class, Aang tries to play the Tsungi Horn but gets chided by the teacher for dancing. On Ji on the otherhand is amused by the dance, and Aang offers to show her it during recess. This promptly infuriates Hide, who unsuccessfully attempts to pick a fight with Aang. On Ji is later invited to Aang's dance party where after being picked out of the bunch, she shyly accepts Aang's offer to dance together. When the school's Headmaster arrives to detain Aang, she is one of many who puts on a headband to help Aang and his friends escape in the crowd.

On Ji appears in "The Headband."


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