Phineas And Ferb - After All Lyrics

Phineas and Ferb image

You were a substitute dad,
but the only one I had,
I grew up hearing your evil scheming down the hall,
but when I look at this thing,
it makes me wanna sing,
maybe your not so bad a dad after all,
at my first ever swim meet,
you stepped on the other teams feet,
at my recital you clapped louder than you should,
but when you taught me how to drive,
we actually made it home alive,
now I know that its possible, not every part of you isn't good,
there were sometimes I would cringe,  
like when you wore all that fringe,
and went all your way just to catch that foul ball, (boo)
but this piece of plastic in my hand,  
makes me finally understand,
maybe your not so bad a dad,
not so bad a dad, after all.