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Matt Hagen was a well-known movie actor. Badly disfigured in an automobile accident, he was rushed to the Gotham burn clinic. At the clinic Hagen was approached by Roland Daggett, a crooked businessman looking for test subjects for his "miracle product" RenuYou. Daggett promised the product could restore Hagen's features within minutes as compared to the years of plastic surgery he would have to endure. The only problem was that this drug was not FDA approved and highly addictive.

ClayfaceIn exchange for the product, Daggett forced Hagen to commit crimes. When Hagen finally refused to do any more of Daggett's dirty work, the supply of RenuYou was cut off. Crazed for the drug, Hagan broke into the RenuYou plant where he Daggett's henchmen poured gallons of the untested toxic chemical down Hagen's throat.

Instead of dying from an overdose, the chemical soaked every cell in Hagen's body, transforming him into a hideous man of clay. An enraged Hagen vowed to destroy Roland Daggett. What Hagen did not realize was that his new cellular structure allowed him to change his shape and appearance. He could form Clayfaceanything he wanted just by thinking it. As a living shapeshifter, he became the evil Clayface. As one of Batman's most bizarre and difficult criminals to handle, it takes great measures to apprehend Clayface. When caught, he was deemed insane and a special suit was designed to hold him in Arkham Asylum (Although he was believed to have died in the episode "Mudslide").

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