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Batman trusts and confides in James Gordon. The Gotham PD is crawling with crooked men. Gordon is an honored police officer and father of Barbara Gordon. Through devotion and remaining an honest cop among mass corruption, Gordon rose through the ranks to Lieutenant, and ultimately to Commissioner. Even though Gordon does not know the identity of the man under the mask, Batman and James Gordon share a special friendship.

Commissioner GordonTheir secret meeting places to discuss strategies and criminals have become a mainstay in their relationship. Although Gotham City embraces Batman, Gordon is still chastised for relying on the Dark Knight over those with the legal authority in Gotham . . . but Gordon wouldn't have it any other way.

In most versions of the Batman mythos, he is at one point or another depicted as Gotham City's police commissioner. He succeeded Commissioner Grogan in the rank at GCPD. Gordon frequently contacts Batman for help in solving various crimes, particularly those committed by supervillains. Because DC Comics retconned its characters' history in the 1985 miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths, and because of different interpretations in television and film, the details of Gordon's history vary from story to story.

In the original pre-Crisis version of his history, Gordon was a police detective who initially bitterly resented the mysterious vigilante's interference in police business. Although the Batman seemed to fight on the side of justice, his methods and phenomenal track record for stopping crimes and capturing criminals embarrassed the police by comparison. Eventually, Batman met up with Gordon and persuaded the detective that they needed each other's help. Batman was deputized and worked with Gordon as an agent of the law.

Commissioner Gordon

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