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Ra's al' GhulRa's Al Ghul is the single most mysterious and cunning of Batman's foes. He does not associate with the criminally insane group of the rogues gallery. Ra's Al Ghul is a criminal like no other. No one knows exactly when he was born, but he claims to have been alive for over 600 years. His name translated means "The Demon's Head."

Ra's heads a worldwide criminal organization, whose mission is to purify a polluted planet, and restore nature to the dominion abridged by the human race, ultimately creating a better world where he would rule. He will use whatever means and force necessary to achieve his twisted vision of a new utopian society. Ra's is always accompanied by his faithful bodyguard, Ubu. His madness originates in the unique power source which maintains his body's appearance, The Lazarus Pit. It is a substance of unknown elements which replenishes the body, like a fountain of youth. The side affects however are spells of sheer madness. Being addicted to this substance for so long has dried any bit of morals and values for Ra's Al Ghul. He views himself as above any preset laws which are governed by mankind. He has many followers, and heads a cult like organization filled with men who will do his bidding. He is extremely dangerous and cunning.

His interest in Batman arose when he felt the Lazarus Pits affect was dwindling. Ra's feels he needs a male to be his successor. Since his only offspring is his daughter Talia, he has to choose a male to marry her that is worthy of becoming ruler of his vast empire. Ra's proves his resourcefulness to Batman by meeting the "Detective" as he calls him, in his own Batcave confirming that he knows his secret.

Upon implementing many tests to prove whether Batman was worthy of becoming his successor, Ra's knew immediately he had found the one. But Batman refused numerous times, and thus Ra's believes that since he will not be with him, they must be against each other, as enemies. He is highly sophisticated and can be quite hypnotic. Ra's has returned many times after Batman thinks has foe had perished.

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