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scarecrowJonathan Crane was interested in the study of human fears and phobias ever since he was a child. Nicknamed the "Scarecrow" as a teenager, Crane was bullied and chastised for his scrawny appearance. The boys would call him Icabod Crane, for his resemblance to the fictional character. Crane loved the character, except when he came upon the part when Icabod is disgraced by his nemesis. He was outraged by the fear that overwhelmed
Icabod and swore to never expose his fears to a bully.

Crane was a Professor of Psychology at Gotham State University until his experiments in fear became too dangerous. He lost his job due to his obsession with inspiring terror in his patients and students. Crane turned to a life of evil and used various drugs, chemicals, devices, and his expertise in psychology to terrify whomever crossed his path. He took the name "Scarecrow" which the bullies gave him as a boy, and would use it to become one of the most feared criminals in Gotham.

scarecrowThe Scarecrow has been known to pollute Gotham's water supply with his fear toxins, infect professional athletes with his chemicals, then bet against their teams for the money to fund his evil experiments. He even had one of his henchmen spray Batman with his toxin, in the hope of driving him mad with fear. A sick and twisted man, his ultimate goal of crippling Gotham State University was foiled by Batman. He was sentenced to Arkham Asylum where he became even more dangerous by gaining criminal contacts with the likes the Mad Hatter, who also shares a sick interest in various types of mind control. These contacts would aid him in his quest to bring Gotham and Batman to it's knees with fear.

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