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Once Gotham City's distinguished District Attorney, Harvey Dent was known as a true guardian of law and order. On the cusp of apprehending mob boss Rupert Thorne, Thorne learned of Dent's other side and knew if it was exploited it could ruin Dent's career. When a fight ensued between Dent and Thorne's men, a freak explosion destroyed the left side of Dent's body. The trauma was powerful enough to force his alternate personality to dominate, and left Harvey in a state
where right and wrong no longer held any meaning.

He becomes Two Face. He feels as though this is the way he was meant to be, living in a world of chaos, without the order and justice he once upheld and believed in. His world revolves around chance, more importantly the flip of his coin. It is no ordinary coin as it is double sided, clean on one side, and covered by scars on the other. Every decision Two Face makes falls on the flip of his coin. It is judge, jury and executioner. When the "Good Heads" turns up Harvey is in control. When it's "Bad Heads" however Two Face shines and becomes more dominant than Harvey can ever be. Yet there always seems to be a piece of Harvey which is strong enough to linger within the mind of Two Face when he is committing his ungodly acts. However, Two Face is the dominant personality.


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