Bratz Episode Guides

Bratz Season 1

  • Episode 1:  Not Hot For Teacher Cloe and the Bratz are taught a fashion course by a teacher who gives them too much work. They may be forced to give up the magazine. Aired: 8/21/2005

  • Episode 2:  Crush in a Rush Eitan finally acts on his crush on Yasmin, trying to get a date with her. Aired: 9/11/2005

  • Episode 3:  Kidnapped Yasmin and London Milton are kidnapped. The Tweevils try to horn in on Yasmin's interview, unaware that she's been kidnapped, and they are captured too. Aired: 9/25/2005

  • Episode 4:  Slumber Party The Tweevils spy on the girls' Slumber Party.
    Aired: 10/2/2005

  • Episode 5:  Sasha's Big Interview Sasha is scheduled to interview her idol, Alonce, but the Tweevils do their best to sabotage their plans. Aired: 10/9/2005

  • Episode 6:  Pet Show Before the International Pet Show, the Tweevils kidnap Jade's cat Mica. But they aren't the only ones kidnapping pets. Aired: 10/16/2005

  • Episode 7:  Not About Me Week Cloe announces Stiles High's "It's Not About Me Week". Sasha tries to teach Kaycee to drive. Cloe and Kirstee host a call in radio show for teens;Jade gives Roberta a makeover;and Yasmin teaches Dylan self-defense. Aired: 11/6/2005

  • Episode 8:  Trading Faces When Dylan asks Feona what she's looking for in a guy he acts on her suggestions. Dylan enters a beauty contest in drag. Aired: 11/13/2005

  • Episode 9:  Truth or Dare The girls play truth or dare and merry mayhem ensues. Aired: 11/20/2005

  • Episode 10:  Manicuring Candidate Cloe and Dylan run for office against the Tweevils. Aired: 1/8/2006

  • Episode 11:  Paris I The Bratz enter a spy-training class in hopes of being chosen to go undercover in France when supermodels are poisoned in Paris. Aired: 3/5/2006

  • Episode 15:   Skeleton In The Closet After finding bones in Burdine's office, the Bratz and Tweevils suspect that Burdine may have killed off her last intern. Reluctantly working together, they tail Burdine to a pet food factory and discover that the bones are actually pieces of Royale's new gourmet doggy food. Aired: 12/11/2005

  • Episode 16:  Jade's Dream Jade gets knocked out and dreams that Burdine and the Tweevils have taken over Stilesville and the world, turning everything pink and wiping out individuality. She and the Bratz become superheroes and save the world from Burdine's evil clutches. Aired: 12/18/2005

  • Episode 17:  Bewitched and Burdined Using a new hypnosis tool she bought over the internet, Burdine hypnotizes Sasha and Jade, directing them to sabotage the Bratz on the night they're set to receive the "Teen Choice Award." Aired: 12/25/2005

  • Episode 17:  Clip Show (Part 1): Totally Recall In this clip show, Burdine and Jade get stuck on an elevator. Aired: 1/1/2006

  • Episode 18:  Clip Show (Part 1): Model Friend In this clip show, Sasha decides to leave the Bratz to pursue a modeling career. Aired: 1/8/2006

  • Episode 20:  Survivor The Bratz and the Tweevils make it to the Wilderness Hotel and engage in a grueling "Survivor"-like contest, with Byron as host. Aired: 1/15/2006

  • Episode 21:  To Catch A Thief While still at the Spa, the Bratz try to discover the identity of a mysterious cat-burglar who's been stealing jewels from the hotel's guests. Aired: 1/22/2006

  • Episode 22:  Cinderella Yasmin writes a story based on "Cinderella," featuring herself as "Amberella" and the Tweevils as her evil stepsisters. Aired: 1/29/2006

  • Episode 23:  The New Kid In Town The Bratz are all ga-ga over Shane, the new kid in school. Aired: 2/5/2006

  • Episode 24:  Paris 1 - Bratz In Play Land After learning that several supermodels in Paris have been poisoned, the Bratz compete in a spy training class directed by Byron in hopes of being chosen to go undercover in France as supermodels. Aired: 2/12/2006

  • Episode 25:  Paris 2 - Bratz In France Land The Bratz and boys go to France on their spy mission. Sasha falls in love for the first time; Cameron falls for model Nicole, much to Cloe's irritation; Yasmin has writer's block and Jade becomes designer Jean Paul's Muse. Aired: 2/19/2006

  • Episode 26:  Paris 3 - Bratz In Tag Land

Bratz Season 2

  • Season 2,  Ep 1:  Totally Recall A clip show in which mortal enemies Burdine and Jade get stuck in an elevator and share their memories. Aired: 9/9/2006

  • Season 2,  Ep 2:  New Kid New kid Shane turns out to be quite the ladies' man; and the Tweevils mistake Burdine's twin sister, Bernice, for Burdine. Aired: 9/16/2006

  • Season 2,  Ep 3:  Paris II The Bratz go to France for a spy assignment. While there, Sasha falls for Cruize, and Cameron becomes smitten with model Nicole. Aired: 9/30/2006


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